Box Security Service
Security Service

The integrated security service that, using technological and human resources, offers the best protection of company assets.

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Box Consulting Training
Consulting Training

It deals, in Italy and throughout Europe, with the training of personnel in the field of specific security issues.

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Box Security Network
Security Network

He is a general contractor who acts as the sole interlocutor in the security field with regard to large companies and corporate.

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Box Centrale Focal Point
Centrale Focal Point

A reference point for those who have monitoring and centralized reporting management among their excellence targets.

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Icona ore presidio sicurezza
230000 +

Security protection hours

Icona Allarmi risolti centrale operativa
3700 +

Alarms successfully managed by our control room

Icona Persone formate
3000 +

Trained people

Icona Anni di esperienza
15 +

Years experience


Tailored solutions for your own security
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