BEST® - Behind Search Technique

What is Best®?

BeST® (as reported in the trademark) is the acronym of Behind Search Technique.

BeST® is an innovative technique for performing safety checks which, due to the considerable advantages it offers in terms of effectiveness, operator safety and aggression deterrence, was originally taught only in counter-terrorism courses. Subsequently it was adapted by its creator (1) to comply with European Directives on airport security controls and then applied at airports to perform security checks on passengers, crews and airport personnel.

The BeST® technique, although based on “traditional” control methods, is innovative as well as in the overall execution mode (which combines multiple methods in a single body), also in the aims it aims to achieve. In particular for the safety of the people under control and the same operators, but also for being less privacy-invasive for the controlled person.

And it is thanks to this innovative way of performing safety checks that the BeST® technique - unique in its kind - brings together 8 important features:
1. It guarantees the highest safety standard as it fully complies with the hand-search executive procedures imposed by EU and national regulations (EU Decision 8005/2015 - Append. 4-A and PNS-Part B), and has been examined and "accepted" by ENAC;
2. It is not "invasive" and allows the utmost respect for the privacy of the person under control;
3. It has an "instinctive and user-friendly" mode of execution for operators, who say they are enthusiastic about applying it from the first moment, and therefore does not trigger the natural "resistance to change" in those who, for years, perform the checks with the "traditional" method;
4. It is an "ergonomic" way of carrying out checks with the additional advantage of not overworking the operators; a factor that, especially after hours of service, contributes to the effectiveness of the controls;
5. It guarantees the maximum physical security of the personnel assigned to the checks against possible sudden attacks;
6. It allows operators to react immediately and effectively in case of sudden attacks;
7. It guarantees the maximum protection of the health of the people subjected to the controls;
8. It allows for a 40% reduction in the time required to carry out checks on the person, compared to "traditional" techniques.
From an impartial survey conducted on operators using this method, it was shown that BeST® was unanimously defined as "the best operating procedure for performing safety checks on people".

(1) The “BeST - Behind Search Technique®” technical designer is Dr. Salvatore Forte, Colonel of the Carabinieri on leave, ENAC Aviation Security Instructor certified, Airline Security Manager, Senior Security Manager and Expert in Corporate Security and Security Techniques, with diversified experiences - even in European-level organizations - with over 40 years in the security field.
Over 27 years of service in the Carabinieri Corps with Command positions also in Special Departments such as: Commander of Platoon Paratroopers at the Carabinieri Regiment Parachutists "Tuscania", Command of Carabinieri Core Helicopters with about 5,000 flying hours; in the civil sector he was Security Manager and Technical Director of the Venice Marco Polo Airport, Security Manager of the Airline Company and held Corporate Security classes at several Universities. He is also Senior Security Manager and Security consultant for leading global companies with many years of experience at the ACI Security Committee (Airport Council International-Europe).