ForteSecurGroup originates in the experiences consolidated during about 10 years within an ambitious project initiated by its founder, Salvatore Forte, Carabinieri colonel, retired.
After having held command positions in highly operative sectors such as that of the paratroopers and the helicopter pilots, Colonel Forte left the Carabinieri Corps in 2000 to fill the role of security manager at the Marco Polo airport in Venezia, of which he also designed the entire new security system, together with the achievement of various certifications issued by national, European and other International organizations.

Today as yesterday, the attention to details and precision, typical of "family-run" companies, was not lost, thanks to the constant presence of the family component in the Company's key roles although, over the years, the range of action has expanded, working in a synergistic way in the key sectors of the security spectrum of companies, organizations and individuals.
ForteSecurGroup offers an integrated and complete security package. Competence, dynamism and competitiveness, values ​​that have always distinguished us.

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Customer satisfaction is our main goal which is pursued:

  • with a product that is qualitatively responsive to its needs;

  • meeting the agreed dates;

  • with the overall effectiveness of the service provided;

  • with adequate assistance to customers through different channels: information, training, advice, communication and e-mail also via the website.

Which is monitored through:

  • periodic analysis of customer complaints, even when received verbally or by telephone;

  • the collection of certificates of appreciation, satisfaction and praise;

  • the analysis of quality indicators;

  • the collection and statistical processing of specific questionnaires distributed to the internal operating units;

  • the collection and statistical processing of special questionnaires periodically distributed to the customers;

  • outcomes of satisfaction questionnaires for specific events;

  • analysis of website consultations.


When it is necessary to employ suppliers, these are partners chosen on the basis of the provided quality and service, to ensure maximum reliability.

The relationship between ForteSecurGroup and its suppliers is based on the principles of correctness and transparency so that it is not subject to restrictions or limitations.


Our companies operate with the aim of developing a relationship of trust that can represent a solid reference for both the operators in the sector and the customers.

ForteSecurGroup, thanks to a constant commitment and an undisputed professional integrity makes customers’ satisfaction the main company goal and its greatest strong point.


ISO 9001

The international standard ISO 9001 for quality outlines the ways to implement processes that improve operational efficiency at all business levels improving customers’ satisfaction and company performance.

UNI 10459

It is the voluntary quality standard "UNI 10459 - Security Professional: Requirements of knowledge, skill and competence ", which defines the requirements and skills involved in the security process.

UNI 10891

The UNI 10891 standard aims to define the minimum requirements of the services provided by Private Supervisory Institutions of any legal nature, providing guidance for the provision of each individual service.

EN 50518

The standard defines the design, construction and organizational criteria necessary for building and maintaining a remote monitoring center so that the fire prevention, crime prevention, tele-assistance and sanitary services can be supplied in an efficient manner and in compliance with specic quality indexes.