Case History


Our work is the result of the constant and daily commitment that leads us to be partner and customer supporters, with the allegiance to identify the best solution to their needs. We therefore report here only some of the success stories our group has dealt with.


A vastness of inputs requires a brain up to it. When it comes to managing thousands of technological installations as well as security systems and home automation throughout the national territory, it is obvious to assume that the control center is technologically advanced and entrusted to the management of expert operators, trained and motivated to be able to guarantee rapid and effective responses to the management of the corporate world that surrounds them.

One of the largest multinationals in the communications sector has realized that the management - subcontracted to third parties - of its own coordination and control center was not equal to the daily challanges. They then chose the technical project proposed to him by ForteSecurGroup to re-organize the room by employing new staff periodically subject to targeted activities to train them. Not only that, it was also an opportunity to experiment with new room management approaches that would allow a quicker and more precise action following the events (numerous and of different nature) that took place on a daily basis amplifying the use of the technology and reviewing the government operating procedures. The result was appreciated to the point that the control room has become a national and international reference point for every employee of the company as well as a reason to be proud with customers and institutions visiting the headquarters.


The larger and more articulated the company, the more diverse and complex the needs of security within its departments. This transversality requires specific knowledge and a lot of time to dedicate in order to satisfy the needs of the "internal customer ” who expects timely and effective responses. The support of the external partner is therefore essential to meet all needs.

The customer represents one of the major global players in the transport and logistics sector. To be able to face the renewal and expansion of its own security processes - involving all the divisions on the national territory - the customer has chosen to rely on our Global Service solution to get timely responses 24/7 through our Focal Point. Focal point is a technical support for the implementation and maintenance of security systems, management of ordinary surveillance services (principals and emergency services) as well as extraordinary surveillance (x-ray controls) and the organization of the collection and counting of the money resulting from the revenues of the local branches. This choice allowed the customer to utilize money and time resources for its core business and outsourcing to the external structure the practical management of all organizational, administrative and economical aspects.


Training is the tool that every company can use to expand the skills of each of their collaborators. It is therefore necessary to professionalize the compulsory training so as to create a real added value.

The client company had to deal with the mandatory training regulations for the staff operating in the airport area. It then turned to our training division to ensure that this obligation became a tool to enhance the awareness of the personnel involved, increasing the effectiveness of all processes and thus minimize the risk due to lack of application of procedures.


The custom-made approach is key to being able to respond to the customers' needs, even more when it comes to historical industrial players. To sit down with management to analyze the processes allows you to enjoy a 360 ° view that helps the structuring of a project.

The customer requested us to analyze, revise and implement a security plan for their site, which covers a block and is crossed by a river. The activity was conducted on multiple time steps to enable information retrieval, analysis of the data coming from the audits as well as the drafting of a project that foresees integration between customer resources (technologies, procedures and personnel) with the new proposed implementations (emergency management plans, procedural revision, training of the figures involved, etc.).


Our new strategy of converging solutions has allowed us to help an international logistics company. We have been chosen as a partner to offer solutions that integrated security services on site with the technology to reach the cost-effectiveness and added value.

The agreement with the customer provides for the supply of security surveillance services, both armed and unarmed, as well as the implementation - in as-a-service mode - of perimeter protection with video analysis of their area of ​​over 140,000 square meters.