“Managing”, “controlling” and “real time” are all key words in today’s world having no time boundaries.

But as soon as you add the word “information’”, you realize everything turns to feature as a vital modus operandi for modern companies operating in the new millennium and even more if their sites are spread across the country or even abroad.

Bearing that awareness in mind and combining it with our well consolidated knowledge of the industry market, a new project aimed to create something different from the ordinary control room was launched. A new concept has born: Focal Point.


Focal Point represents a reference for those customers having excellence as a target when it comes to centralizing, monitoring and managing alarms coming from hi-tech devices, video surveillance systems and GPS fleet trackers. Focal Point also remotely detect failures of security systems and from single central point, works as a reliable reference for travel security by operating according to agreed policies and procedures.
But not only... Focal Point’s cornerstone is to act as a straightforward interface with the customer when managing contingencies or when just providing information, especially in relation to events occured over night or out from working hours, as weekends and/or bank holidays. The flow of information is always managed according to instructions received by the customer, who always has full control over it.
The final goal is then to relieve the customer from coordinating and managing – even in the fist place – all those requests coming from its organization, which would deprive energies and precious time from other more important issues.
Reports issued by our operators and containing the key events of the day, will be delivered to the customer, in order to have an audit trail on the concerned events.


The main tool aimed to trigger, develop and finaly accomplish the Focal Point operations, is represented by a 24-hours operating control room equipped with modern technologies to support our security operations. The control room operators – licenced Security Guards carefully selected and duly trained according to the tasks being assigned – can rely on IT solutions based on oversized servers and customized applications allowing to check in real time the customer’s remote systems, by also matching the relevant information with maps, procedures and the customer’s specific business footprint. This will allow our customers to have as much information as possible to implement the most appropiate measures.