Security Network

guardia privata con cane

The main purpose of Security Network is to guarantee its customers the most profitable return on investment in relation to security services, by acting as an actual operation partner beside them.

Security Network has been operating in the private security industry since several years upon Government authorization (Art. 115 TULPS) by providing security and intermediation services to large companies and corporations.
Security Network was established to accomodate all those customers who are willing to outsource the security related issues and are looking for a single contractor able to satisfy their security needs across the country.
Nonetheless, Security Network strives to reduce the vast array of offers currently proposed by the market, saving time and resources but never compromising on our top class quality service.

Security Network also means internal auditing on performed services, coordination of all security operators and most notably higly engaged and trained personnel holding all of the necessary requirements to accomplish their tasks.
The customer in this way is provided with a professional business support time & costeffective and is allowed to fully focus on its own core business.


General Contractor:
We do manage – by means of actual turnkey projects – all the related security activities affecting multinational companies having their subsidiaries in Italy, by relieving their security managers from time consuming tasks. Hence Security Network contributes to the optimization of your resources, improves your cost-saving effectiveness and also can save a lot of the time usually spent by foreign companies to look for a reliable contractor in Italy. Customer satisfaction is paramount at Security Network and we perform regular audits to ensure the service we provide is fully compliant with the customer agreement. Last but not least, we provide a monthly summary which includes all provided services in order to allow an effective control management by our customers.

As a reliable and trusted supplier, our network provides security services as armed security guards, valuable goods transport, managing of alarm systems including emergency response and coordination of all of the involved stakeholders. Most notably, we closely monitor and oversee all our local sub-contractors in order to ensure they all hold the legal requirements to provide our services.
In our 24/7 operating control room, our job is to focus our attention on all the pieces composing this important framework: by using customized software solutions, we are able to timely provide a reliable and accurate feedback to our customer, paying close attention to meet the specific requirements of each customer.


• Having a single point of contact for administration and operations for all of your sites;

• Get with one contract the best price/quality ratio services;

• Simplified administration: we carefully review the invoices issued by the local service providers and provide to our customer costs at a glance with one monthly summary detailing actual manhours supplied detailed at site level;

• Same service rate for all of your sites, regardless to their location;

• Service Level Agreements to facilitate effective management control by the customer;

• Local service providers constantly monitored and audited to constantly provide top class quality services;

• Option to replace staff engaged with services and in most serious cases, replacement of the subcontractor.