Security Service


Our long term experience made available to our customers: by offering a full security package we improve their competitive edge since they are less exposed to the security risks affecting their business.

A tailor made service customized according to customer’s needs provides a constant support.

The staff we employ is carefully selected and vetted. We are committed to deploy highly professional operators holding the following key skills:
• High moral and integrity standards;
• Reliable, knowledgeable with vast industry experience;
• Strong communication and relational skills.
Our staff is trained according to the specific assigned service. In particular, for doorman services, we pay close attention to train our staff in relation to:
• Criminal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure;
• Operations procedures.

Servizi di sicurezza

Already existing liaison with Law Enforcement bodies, allow timely and adequate response in case is necessary.
For those operations our operators:
• Refer to our officer 24-hours available for duty;
• Are able to timely interact with the local Law Enforcement bodies.
Our operators and obviously our customers can rely at any time to our 24-hours available for duty operations officer, by using a dedicated phone line.

Servizi di sicurezza

What security service deals with

Security services:
Security services to safeguard movable and unmovable company goods.

Asset protection:
Security services designed for companies and aimed to protect human resources, data and information.

Designed for companies and private persons.

We strive to satisfy our customer’s needs by employing highly trained staff coordinated by experienced managers whose operations background and skills were recognised and certified by international bodies. Security Service can proudly deploy a reference list of testimonials who represent the flagship of the Italian industry and also a guarantee for our new customers. In addition, in order to be always beside our customers and to continuously monitor the service we provide (and nonetheless to timely react to any query), we make available a 24/7 operation centre, equipped to collect and manage all of your requests.